The Ultimate Veil Style Guide For Your Wedding

Now that you’ve got an idea of how your dream wedding dress should look like, what’s next? Picking out the perfect veil to go with it - a simple accessory that could go a long way in elevating your wedding hairstyle.

Scroll on and get inspired by these 8 veil styles to add to your list of wedding accessories to get!


One for the ages — but we have a couple of ways to raise the bar:

3-D Embroidery

Add some dimension to a classic ensemble with three-dimensional details that will make your look pop!

CCM Wedding Unique Veil Customisation Singapore.JPG

Initials Monogramming

Take your wedding veil to a personal level by elegantly marking it with yours and your future husband’s initials - it doesn’t get more intimate than that!

Personalised Initials Embroidery Wedding Veil Inspo.jpeg

Classic Embroidery

Looking to amp up your wedding look just a notch? Go back to basics with this timeless laced veil, in cathedral length, to add an extra ‘wow’ factor as you walk down the aisle at your church wedding.

Classic Veil Embroidery Customisation Singapore.jpeg


More keen on a vibrant piece rather than the usual white-on-white look? This one’s for you.


Add a pop of colour that flows seamlessly from head to toe. Choose an ombré shade that matches your wedding venue setting or make up look - you’re bound to get more head turns than you already would.

Coloured Embroidery

The perfect veil for a garden-themed wedding, pre-wedding photoshoot, or any theme really - you’ll catch anyone’s attention in a crowd.

Wedding Hair Inspo Floral Veil Singapore.jpeg


Enhance the grandeur of your wedding look with an embellished veil that will sparkle under your spotlight.

Beads & Sequins

Create intricate or even simple patterns that amplify the elegance of your wedding dress on the whole— it’s all in the details!

Sequin Veil Wedding Look Singapore.jpeg


Like they say, pearls are a girl’s best friend. So why not add a few more to the party with a pearl-embellished veil?

Customised Pearl Wedding Veil Singapore.jpeg


Last but not least, here’s an oldie but a goodie - let’s bring back this elegant, timeless piece to complement your dream wedding dress. Be sure to look out for these at your next bridal gown fitting!

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