Why You Should Consider An Inbuilt Corset For Your Wedding Gown

Tell someone you’re wearing a corset as part of your wedding dress and you might be met with shock and disbelief. A corset in this day and age may seem antiquated but in truth, this extra detail might just be what you need to look your best on the big day.

In the past, corsets were used exclusively by the upper class and helped improve the wearer’s posture and give them the desired hourglass figure. The bones in the corset were made from either metal or whalebone, which made for an effective but extremely uncomfortable experience.

Nowadays, modern corsets tend to be made from fiber, which is less heavy and more flexible. The purpose of the corset remains the same, but it has become a lot more comfortable for the wearer.

corset wedding gown ccm

The corset is actually a fundamental element in wedding dresses. Corsets were previously foregone in favour of sheer bodices, but are slowly making their come back. Dresses that are more tightly fitted to the waist with the help of a corset are less likely to slip down, so you won’t need to wrestle with the gown all day. Heavier gowns also need reinforcements. If your dream dress is made out of materials like taffeta or satin, or it is particularly voluminous, a corset will help to make sure the fabric doesn’t weigh your body down.

How the corset is laced plays a big part in how comfortable it is. If laced incorrectly, the dress might end up shifting into an awkward position. During your appointment with CCM Wedding, our head designer will guide you through how to lace the corset properly.

The lace should be equal on both sides before it’s threaded through the cotton hoops to the end. It is also important that the lace lies flat and isn’t twisted at any point in time. The corset will only be tightened after the lace has been arranged properly.

boning of corset ccm wedding

If the corset’s laced correctly, well made and sits right at your waist, it should be very comfortable. The boning shouldn’t be poking you at any time, even if you’re standing or sitting.

In a pinch, an external corset will do the trick if a particular wedding dress doesn’t already come inbuilt with one. However, you might find that it does not fit properly, or that the boning shows through the dress, especially if the bodice is translucent! It’s always best to choose a gown with a tailor-made corset, that way the design will cover up the boning.

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At CCM Wedding, our gowns come with an inbuilt corset so you’ll look effortlessly flawless on your wedding day. Our head designer will recommend you a dress that highlights all your best features. For a more in-depth consultation, book an appointment with us today.