What to Wear to Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

When it comes to the pre-wedding shoot, there is no wrong way to do it. The theme, mood, location and dressing all depend on the couple’s wants and needs. Some couples prefer a more casual look, while others want their photos to come out a little more dramatic. Some couples wear their own clothing for the shoot, while others choose to stick with their wedding finery.

But if you’re still stuck on what to wear for your pre-wedding shoot, here are some tips on picking the right outfit!

1. Keep your location and theme in mind

Starting off with a quick and simple tip, the best outfit to wear for your shoot might already be predetermined by the theme you’re going for.  If your heart is set on a retro-themed shoot, the best thing to wear would naturally be a vintage style dress. If you and your fiance are both Marvel fans, dressing in cosplay might be the way to go!

2. Texture, texture, texture

Even the smallest detail can change the whole feel of your photograph. Compared to dresses made of satin or silk, embroidered bodices or intricate detailing will add more texture and depth without taking attention away from the couple. If the pre-wedding shoot is taking place in a location with a lot of natural lighting, a dress that is more translucent on the bottom will allow light to pass through beautifully and give the whole setting a more whimsical feel.

3. Colour matching

While it may seem cheesy, having a colour palette that you and your fiance can adhere to will make all your photos look more cohesive. You don’t necessarily have to match head to toe, wearing similar shades of a particular colour will work just as well.

See how the blue flowers in the dress match the blue in the suit? This little detail ties the couple together more!

4. Go with the most unique dress on your list

Yes, it’s a little out there and it’s a little risky. But this is your chance to go all out with a gown that you might not normally wear! When will you ever get the chance to do something like this again? (Psst, our Moderne collection has dresses for the most adventurous of brides. Feathers, anyone?)

5. Get a veil as a prop

Make sure to get one in a material that will fit your setting. It’s also an easy way to add more movement and dimension to your photos.

6. Wear comfortable shoes

Sure, those heels might photograph beautifully but if you know they are bound to give your feet blisters, is it really worth it to wear them for what could possibly be a day-long shoot? Unless you are planning on taking them off in between photographs, just go for a comfortable pair that allows you to walk without wincing. At the end of the day, your shoes aren't the highlight and it will be easier to look radiant in all your photos if you aren’t in pain.

Choose the right heels, both for your pre-wedding shoot and wedding day!

At the end of the day however, the clothes don’t really matter! Just take the chance to indulge in this experience with your fiance and enjoy yourself. If you’re having fun with each other, your photos will capture your natural love and adoration.