Everything Grooms Should Do To Look Their Best For Their Big Day

It can be easy to forget that a wedding is not all about the bride (shocking, we know). A wedding is about the groom as well, and the commitment two people have to each other.

Men, we know that you want your big day to be special for you too. After all, it is the day you and your fiancée will get to be joined together in holy matrimony. So here are just a few simple—but important—tasks that you should do to look your best for your wedding day!

Get your hair done

Your wedding may not be the time to try a new colour or a fancy new cut, but it’s good to get your hair freshened up. If your hair has become a little long, or a little brassy, now would be a good time for a visit to a trusted barber.

This would be the best time to also ask your barber for tips on how to style your spruced-up do. Who knows, he might just recommend some new products that will step your hair game up.

Our client, Kenneth, has really nice hair.

Our client, Kenneth, has really nice hair.


Get a manicure

It might sound a little strange to get your nails done, but it would be a lot more off-putting if your bride had to slide your wedding ring onto a finger with overgrown bitten nails and rough cuticles. Most nail salons do offer a manicure service for men, which includes nail shaping, cuticle cleanup and buffing. You will be glad for it when it’s time for the photographer to take a closeup of your rings!

Wax your brows

Not completely off, obviously, but a clean up session might be in order if you yourself find that your brows resemble caterpillars more than actual human eyebrows. Just be sure to communicate exactly what you want to the stylist, so you don’t end up with Christine Aguilera 2000-era brows. And don’t worry, the process doesn’t hurt as much as you think it does.

Prepare an extra shirt

If you know that you are the kind of guy to sweat a lot, it can never hurt to prepare another dress shirt. Morning ceremonies take a lot out of you and you wouldn’t want to be caught in a situation where you are attending the dinner in a completely sweat-soaked shirt. So prepare another dress shirt! Or if you don’t feel like lugging it around all day, wear a singlet underneath to keep you dry.

Wear the right socks

If you’re going sock shopping, aim for longer socks in a darker hue. Not only will it help you to look more formal and put together, it’ll also spare any your guests from seeing your hairy legs. Unless you’re into that.

Funky patterned socks can also add elements of fun to your get-up, if you’re having a more relaxed ceremony.

Get your tux fitted

Have you ever wondered how celebrities look so good in their suits? We’re going to let you in on a little secret: the suits are tailored. Having a professional tailor make you a made-to-measure suit or even a bespoke one will keep you looking suave on your big day. No more fiddling with too long sleeves, or a suit jacket that makes you look shorter than you actually are. A well-made suit is an excellent investment. Trust us, your bride will thank you for it.

Our client, Frank, has his suit made-to-measure.

Our client, Frank, has his suit made-to-measure.


Remember your vows

You’re all ready to go, and now all that’s left for you to do is to say your vows. For such a big emotional moment, practice is key. Have your best man or groomsmen rehearse it with you till you can get through the whole thing without choking up!

If you’re looking for a made-to-measure or bespoke suits, look no further! CCM Wedding offers both these services, just book an appointment with us to begin the process. Alternatively, why not check out our menswear collection?