Shanghai Glamour: Maxine and Shawn's Bespoke Journey

After having met us for just one day, Maxine & Shawn decided on that very first meeting to engage us.

Maxine knew what she wanted, and was looking for something in particular, something special — a gown she could wear to church, that would still suit her wedding’s Old Shanghai theme, and that wasn’t white in colour. She wanted an outer skirt and a cheongsam collar, and a gown that was light and comfortable to dance in.

Maxine’s gown is unique to her taste - she chose bold, abstract floral lace that suited her wedding’s flower set up.

bespoke wedding cheongsam ccm wedding.jpg
pearl zip custom made cheongsam ccm wedding.jpg

To cater to the couple’s tastes, we had to come up with an idea from scratch, and worked with them from May 2017 ‘til their wedding day on 13 Apr 2018 to make sure everything was perfect. Maxine also ended up with 2 veils - one that had the same abstract floral lace that matched her blush cheongsam, and another embellished veil which had always been a dream of hers, customised by us and gifted to her by her bridesmaid.


There was the additional challenge of Shawn’s suit. Just 4-5 months prior to the wedding, Shawn asked us to customise a mandarin collar suit for him. He had looked around at many different places, even flying to Bangkok to look for what he wanted but he couldn’t find one that suited his style. They were all either overly flamboyant, or too simple. So we created a suit that spoke to him - he wanted a mandarin collared suit in Jacquard material, with gold buttons that trailed down the middle. 

jacquard fabric custom made suit ccm wedding.jpg
ccm wedding custom jacquard mandarin collar suit.jpg

The couple were very happy with their customised garments! They were so pleased, we became friends and got invited to the wedding.

Congratulations Maxine and Shawn! We wish you a long and happy marriage.

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bespoke cheongsam and suit ccm wedding.jpg
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