The Wedding by the Sea: Roberta's Bespoke Wedding Dress Process

When Roberta came in with the idea of a wedding dress suited for a seaside church wedding, we were taken by the sheer romanticism of the vibe.

bespoke wedding dress singapore.jpg

As an Italian-born expat, Roberta wanted something that would honour her roots, especially since she would be getting married in Positano.

It was important that the dress was a light and breathable material, since the wedding would be held by the sea. Roberta also needed to be able to move freely, as she had to kneel for a considerable amount of time during the ceremony. In the end, the dress was made out of chiffon; not only did it suit all of Roberta’s needs, it was also a very drapey material which meant it hugged Roberta’s body very nicely without being too constricting.

custom made wedding dress ccm wedding.jpg

Roberta was very clear that she didn’t want a poofy gown, so more elaborate silhouettes were out. Instead, she went for a sheath silhouette with a V neckline to better suit her small frame.

Originally, our bride had chosen a shorter sleeve for her gown, but eventually changed it to a long sleeve for a more regal and polished look. Italian-style corded lace helped to give her dress more texture, and we skipped any additional crystals or sequins to avoid clashing with the material.

bespoke wedding gown ccm wedding.jpg
backless long sleeve wedding dress ccm.jpg

Congratulations on your wedding, Roberta! We’re so honoured to have been a part of your big day.

christie choi