Frequently Asked Questions



What services do you provide?
Here at CCM Wedding, we do White Wedding Gowns, Evening Gowns, Mother's Gowns, Men's Suits, as well as Cheongsams and Kuas! All of which are available for rental, purchase and/or customisation.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?
You'll find us on both ends of the spectrum, between traditional and unconventional.
While we believe there's beauty in staying true to our roots, we strive to consistently push boundaries. From mandarin collared black-tie suits, to wedding gowns with pockets, we're here to make you look your best on your special day.

Why CCM Wedding?

1. Craftsmanship
We pay close attention to detail and pride ourselves in the intricacy and quality of our hand-sewn designs.

2. A Strong Foundation in Design
Though we only opened our doors in 2017, we’ve been in the gown atelier business for decades. Our team of experienced designers and seamstresses have a deep understanding of the structures of each garment and how it should fit you. We'll make sure your garment hugs you in all the right places, provides the right support and flows elegantly for ultimate comfort and style.

3. We're Always Up for a Challenge
We love pushing boundaries and experimenting with new concepts. From mandarin collared suits, to wedding gowns with pockets, we’re always open to trying something new. If you've got a rather unique idea in mind, feel free to give us a shoutout!

4. Highly Personalised
Each person has their own unique qualities, and we're here to ensure that your best traits get the limelight they deserve! We'll match skin tone to fabric directly to find out what suits you, and analyse your needs based on your body type as well as personal preferences.

How often do you launch new designs?
Every few months. This varies for cheongsam, kua and evening gown releases, but our social media pages are always up-to-date with our latest news so follow us and stay tuned:
Facebook - CCM Wedding
Instagram -




How far in advance should I start looking for my wedding gown?
Book your first appointment about 8 months prior to your actual wedding day or pre-wedding shoot! This way, you'll have enough time to look around for options, go for multiple fittings, and figure out what you want at your own pace.

Customisation usually requires a 6-month lead time from confirmation till your collection date, so start your search early.

How long does an initial consultation usually take?
Typically, we'd set aside 1½ hours for a thorough, relaxing first appointment!

With enough time on our hands, we'll be able to get a clearer picture of what you're looking for, and make pointed recommendations based on your specific body shape, skin tone, event venue and preferences. We want you to be able to try on as many garments as you'd like, without the rush.

Do you charge appointment fees?
Not a cent! We see any consultation as part of the search, so fret not - yours will be completely free of charge.




What does your rental package include?
Apart from the garment itself, our packages come with complimentary alteration, garment cleaning and bridal veil rental.

What about rental deposit?
We take things one step at a time - it's a 60% deposit upon order confirmation, and another 20% at the final fitting.
You'll only have to pay the remaining 20% upon collection.




How does it work?
1 Book an Appointment
Call us at 6687 0094 or fill in our online form to schedule a meeting with us, so we can have a chat in-person.

2 First Meeting
Let’s chat about all things wedding! From your personal wedding details and inspirations, to preferences and body type - we’ll brainstorm ideas together to create the perfect gown or suit for you.

3 Mock-up
Be part of the bespoke journey, every step of the way. While your garment is still a work-in-progress, we’ll let you try it on and reaffirm our direction to ensure we’re all on the same page.

4 Final Fitting
Once all finishing touches have been made, we’ll have a final look together just to make sure there aren’t any loose ends untied.

5 Collection
At last, it’s time to take your customised garment home for the big day!



Pricing & Packages

What are your prices like?
We’re all for transparent pricing - so check out our Rental Package Price List here.

For Customisation, prices vary based on the respective garment types:
Bridal Gowns from S$3,000
Men’s Suits from S$1,000
Cheongsam from S$1,800

For order confirmations made upon your first appointment, you’ll automatically receive 5% off your total bill!
To find out more, feel free to schedule a time with us too drop by our studio and meet our designer.

Are there any vendors you’d recommend?
We have established strong connections with other industry professionals who are incredible at what they do and lovely to work with. Plus, our customers are entitled to discounts and packages with these professionals!

Wedding Planning & Styling
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3 Wanderlust Dream Co.
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Hair & Make Up
1 Make Up Maestro
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2 Shino Makeup & Hairstyling
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